After School Program

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Quality care at a place you can trust…your community centre!

The Qualicum-Graham Park Community Association (QGPCA) After School Program is serves grade 1 to grade 6 students from the local area.  School buses drop off right at the community centre for local schools.  The program runs on school days from 2:30 – 5:30 pm.


Our Team

Our Program Directors, Supervisors, and Youth Staff are selected with careful attention paid to selecting those who can serve as a positive role model for your child.  Supervisors are certified in Standard First Aid, and CPR.



If you’re interested in registering your child(ren) in our After School Program, please email


Badge Program

(download here)

How it works:
Kids can earn different badges by participating in various activities that focus on skills development in a
fun and challenging environment. Expectations will vary depending on the age and grade of the child.

The Objective:
The objective is to get ten stickers during the school year for demonstrating ability in skills development
and encouraging kids to engage in diverse activities during their time at the After School Program while having fun.

Skills Areas:

Sewing (ability to thread a needle and sew a blanket stitch, a basting stitch and an X stitch)
Cleaning (ability to use a vacuum, sweep the floor, remove marks from tables and clean up toys)
Puzzles (ability to complete two age-appropriate jigsaw puzzles with a partner)
Baking (ability to measure ingredients, follow verbal instructions, wash up dishes)
Knitting (ability to complete a simple project on knitting looms)
Reading (ability to read five age-appropriate books and answer questions about the content)
Board Games (ability to master the rules and execution of five board games)
Outdoor Activities (ability to master five age-appropriate outdoor activities such as three legged race)
Earth Care (ability to identify five perils to our environment and participate in “Clean up Our Park”)
Arts and Crafts (ability to complete four crafts per month for four months)

This program is completely optional although parents are encouraged to get their children involved to
maximize their fun and time at the After School Program while developing skills in a number of areas.

Children can complete their badges in their own time so there is no pressure (it’s gotta be fun for
them!). Once the abilities have been demonstrated, children will get a badge to bring home and add to
their badge collection. The badge will be in the form of a sticker.




The executive of QGPCA is committed to providing a safe environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.   We are also committed to ensuring our staff to be treated in the same manner. If there are any issues or concerns with the program, please address them to