If you have a confirmed rental, please read the following:

Access Manager

The Access Manager is April MacDonald, 613-797-9355.

  • For cases that require immediate attention, if the Access Manager is not available, please contact Mike 613-762-9193 or Daphne 613-829-4887.

Access Codes

Please treat the access codes provided with the same level of security and confidentiality you would your bank PIN.

General Use

  • Liquids only in the sink! Even small particles like coffee grinds block the drain!
  • Painter’s tape (the green or blue masking tape) only to put up decorations. Help keep our walls looking good.
  • Use of chairs and tables (found in closet off of main room) is permitted. All other equipment in the closet is the private property of various community groups.
  • Use of general kitchen appliances and equipment is permitted. Please do not use equipment/supplies labelled for use by specific community groups.

Clean Up

  • Sweep, then mop all floors. The mop and large broom are in the janitor’s closet (between the bathrooms). The main key opens this closet. If food is served, or outdoor shoes are worn indoors, this is mandatory.
  • Return all equipment to its proper storage place; Clean-up kitchen.
  • Bring all garbage, recycling and compost home with you.

Opening Up

  • Retrieve the key from the lock box. Turn key counter-clockwise to unlock front door.
  • Enter alarm code into keypad (on the left side of main vestibule) to disengage alarm.
  • To keep doors unlocked, use key to lock bar on inside of door in. Re-lock doors once guests have arrived if the event is not open to the public.

Closing Up

  • Ensure any doors that were unlocked are locked, including closet doors.
  • Turn on the alarm system. Check both front doors are closed securely. Return key to lock box. The lost key fee is $200.