Hi Neighbours,

I’ve heard from several Qualicum residents about late night construction noise impacting people’s sleep.

After much investigation, staff have determined that the source of the noise is the LRT Stage 2 project work site at Bayshore. Because that’s not in College Ward (it’s in Bay) my office wasn’t included in communications about the work, and I was not consulted about the noise by-law exemption permit that allows this work to continue. However, I have engaged with staff about the issues and I am also speaking with Bay Ward Councillor Theresa Kavanagh about the problem.

You can find out more about this overnight work, which is supposed to end on December 23, at https://ottawa.ca/en/planning-development-and-construction/major-projects/stage-2-light-rail-transit-project/o-train-west-extension/construction-activities-west-extension#section-167969c8-258f-4900-82e7-22c1ab4bf3f0

I also encourage residents to register for the project’s updates at City of Ottawa (list-manage.com).

Regarding another matter, several residents have asked me about the ongoing closure of Ashley St. I have raised this with the LRT Stage 2 team as well. I feel that the City has not fully informed residents of the reasons for this closure and I have requested they send out up-to-date communications to all residents. I have attached the flyer they prepared.

Thank you for your work in the community. I am available to speak with you about these or other matters anytime.

Warm regards,

Councillor Laine Johnson | Conseillère Laine Johnson
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