Outdoor rink: Call for volunteers

Outdoor rink: Call for volunteers

The outdoor rink (ODR) season is upon us! This year we need 3 adult volunteers as well as youth workers to fill in the gaps left by those not returning. The adult volunteers and youth workers are responsible for rink maintenance. A maintenance crew consists of two youth workers and one adult volunteer.

Maintenance is done Sunday to Friday, 9-10 pm, during the ODR season, weather permitting. The season typically lasts 8 – 10 weeks.

Maintenance efforts involve scraping the ice surface to remove all snow, followed by flooding. Youth workers are responsible for scraping, while the adult volunteer runs the snow blowers and flood hose.

Training is provided for those who are new to rink maintenance.


Interested adult volunteers and youth workers should contact rink@qualicum.org

Virtual Open House on the Functional Design for Richmond Rd’s Renewal – Monday, December 13  at 6:30PM

Virtual Open House  – Monday, December 13  at 6:30PM

The City of Ottawa is planning a renewal of Richmond Road in the section between Bayshore Drive and Pinecrest Road.  The renewal will involve a resurfacing of the top layer of roadway asphalt, the improvement of sidewalks from many sections of asphalt to concrete, and the addition of facilities for cycling.  While this section of Richmond Road is not adjacent to QGP, it is along the most direct route for our residents to bike or drive to the commercial district at Lincoln Heights and to other destinations closer to downtown.

Bike Ottawa has been part of the public advisory committee for this project.  Preliminary plans have shown a mixture of on-road lanes and raised cycle tracks for people who bicycle.  Bike Ottawa have been requesting that cycle tracks should be the default facility, due to their better separation from motor vehicles.  It remains to be seen what will be in the plans presented on December 13th, and so QGP residents who cycle are encouraged to attend the virtual open house and voice their support for cycle tracks and other measures to foster safety for vulnerable road users.

The open house is being hosted by Bay Ward Councillor Theresa Kavanagh. For further background and for details on how to register for the open house, please go to:

Your local cycling advocates may be reached for this and any other cycling topic by e-mail at ward8_at_bikeottawa.ca, where the “_at_” is replaced by @.

Reminder – Annual General Meeting 2021

Thursday December 2nd, at 7pm by Zoom


  • Approval of 2021 AGM Agenda
  • Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes
  • Financial Overview
  • Voting of Executive
  • Update on our Program and Services
  • City of Ottawa’s Masterplan
  • New business or motions
  • Call to adjourn

Joining meeting
To view the Financial Overview, 2020 AGM Minutes and meeting details, go to the 2021 AGM package in the Member Portal

You will also be asked to identify yourself by using the first and last used you used to sign up for your QGPCA membership prior to joining the AGM.  You can do this by customizing your display name in your profile. Please join early so that we can cross-reference your name with the membership list.  

Submitting questions
You can email president@qualicum.org in advance or use the chat function to ask any questions which will be answered by the Chair or a presenter at the relevant time.

Proposers and Seconders
Throughout the AGM, there will be calls for someone to propose a motion and for someone to second it. You can propose / second by raising the ‘raise hand’ tool and we will take the name of the first member to raise their hand in each instance.

For some agenda items there will be a call to participate in a vote, which will be done using the Polls function on Zoom. When prompted, please select Yes, No or Abstain.

New to Zoom?  Consult the Zoom User Guide for AGM Attendees.

19th Nepean Annual Christmas Tree Sale

19th Nepean Annual Christmas Tree Sale


The 19th Nepean is once again selling poinsettias. They must be ordered in advance before Dec 8th by contacting Scouter Lampson at 613-894-1496 or 19thnepeancubs@gmail.com. They will be available for pickup at the community centre during the tree sale on Dec 11th, 2021, 9am – noon.

Tree sale



Saturday, December 11th 9am-12pm


QGP Community Building
48 Nanaimo Drive

What trees are available?

Balsam and Fraser Fir Trees


Cash only, $65, exact change preferred.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we ask for the following:

  • Masks/face coverings are mandatory.
  • Must keep 6ft/2m apart.
  • Delivery still available, “porch-side” dropoff.


Paul McCracken
(613) 327-8646

Notice of Postponement of Annual General Meeting 2021

The Board has taken the decision to postpone the AGM until December 2, 2021 due to lack of candidates for key roles of President and Vice-president.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on volunteers to invest their time in building community programming and events. Please consider joining this hard working board (QGPCA Needs You).

An agenda and meeting link will be sent out prior to the meeting.

QGPCA Executive