Community Garage Sale Saturday May 13: 9am to noon


  1. So, about this sale… I didn’t see any advertisements for it at all this year. We didn’t see any mention of it on kijiji, Didn’t see it in the paper, No signage throughout the neighbourhood… *sigh*

    I’m confused, and a touch frustrated. We spent days collecting, cleaning & pricing items for the sale. We got up super early to put up tarps and arrange all of our things and then we sat and watched the hours tick by… not one interested individual!

    Did the sale get canceled and I missed the notification?

    Thanks, and sorry for the tone – we’re tired.

    • Sorry to hear no one dropped by your house. I did notice lots of activity on Brian. We had signs up at the neighbourhood entrance for a few days prior. Perhaps you’d like to take on the promotion next year.