Qualicum Woods Crossing, the Owner of 2785, 2795, and 2781 Baseline Road, is seeking to make a revision to the existing Approved Site Plan, dated April 1, 2013. The current approved Site Plan consists of three proposed residential condominium buildings: Buildings D, E, and F, located on the site bounded by Baseline Road to the south, Morrison Drive to the west, and Draper Avenue to the north. This approved Site Plan is also referred to as Phase 1 and makes up the middle and south portions of the overall site. Phase 2 would be the future proposed development of the north half of the site.


More specifically, Building D (middle of the site) will have an additional 2 units for a total of 66. Building E (south east corner), presently under construction, will have an additional 9 units for a total of 80 units. Building F (south west corner) is where the majority of revisions are occurring. The building is now proposed to be 5 storeys instead of 4. The total number of units will be 81 instead of 61. On its ground floor, commercial uses are still proposed. In addition to the already permitted commercial uses, a medical facility is proposed. Due to the proposed use not being permitted, a Zoning By-law Amendment is required. Furthermore, given the differences in the parking requirements for a medical facility compared to commercial, it is proposed to cap the medical facility to 325.15 m² and reduce the number of required parking spaces from 13 to 4.

SP-2 – For Submission
Planning Rationale – 11.26.2015 – 0811

SP-2 – For Submission


Building Proposed Current
A 65 65
B 81 81
C 65 65
D 66 64
E 80 71
F 81 61
Total 438 407
Phase 1 227 196
Phase 2 211 211