QCH to cut the walking paths again

The walking paths cut on the QCH grounds adjacent to Qualicum Graham Park will be cut again by the QCH.


  1. Great news! I also submitted a request back in August to cut paths, so hoping that the pathways will be widened. Carol

  2. Certainly glad to hear about the paths, but trust that action will be taken regarding the tall thistles that produce thousands of seeds blowing into our property.
    Jean Cobbold

    • The QCH is looking for a farmer to cut the entire area. Will update as we learn information.

    • They need to cut back the whole field except around the trees. The neighbourhood kids can no longer toboggan on the hills. Now the space is nasty with hazardous wild parsnip and possibly even a few triffids.

    • QCH is attempting to get a farmer to cut the whole field