Distracted Driving Higher fines and Demerit points Sept 1.

$490 fine and 3 demerit points.  30 day licence suspension for novice drivers.

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  1. My wife and I walk in the neighborhood and would once again observe that vehicles are coming down Okanagan from Baseline and turning left at Nanaimo to access Robertson Road at excessive speeds.Those vehicles are not owned by inhabitants of this neighborhood .Those drivers when confronted either ignore our gestures ,laugh,or give obscene signs.One driver retorted that he was only going 52 kph.Drivers have scared the daylights out of pedestrians by passing so close that they can feel the breeze.We raised this problem at the annual meeting and traffic counters were supposed to have been laid down but nothing was ever done.Please send a reply so that we know we are not going to continue to be ignored while an accident is waiting to happen.

    • This is a common complaint along Nanaimo and Okanagan drives. The best way to address this is to request police enforcement during the time period you most often see this happen.
      WrightSE@ottawapolice.ca is our community police officer.