Canada Post Community Mailboxes

May 15th:  Canada post has adjusted a few mailbox locations to reflect safety discussions with the Councillor and QGPCA.  The results can best be described as underwhelming.   Currently we are waiting on CP to provide update maps.

April 30th: on the street intelligence from our mailman — CMB go live Sept 20th 2015

Mobility impaired individuals may apply to have mail delivered once a week


Update April 27th — Meetings are being schedule by the Councillor’s office for May 5th with Canada Post, for those who’ve notified Rick of issues.


CMB Update: Slightly out of date map.   The square box with round circle is the CMB location.

4065 and 4067 have been consolidated with 4066 at the Bell Canada Building.

Slightly out of date

Slightly out of date


CMB Update

Aluetian and Chinook have managed to get their CMBs moved to the Bell building lot on Aluetian.

Canada Post has not been forthcoming in providing locations to the CA. If you could please provide your CMB location on the following google doc we’ll attempt to consolidate as many CMB on well lit,  safe locations.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> originial post >>>>>>>>>>

Canada Post is in the process of contacting property owners who will have a Community Mailbox placed on their lawn.   The CA has requested a community map of proposed locations as we know there are issues.  The intent is to address this on a community wide basis and not on a CMB by CMB location.

We expect to have a community wide map available the week of Feb 23.

March 3rd… Still waiting on CP.  Supposedly Thursday March 5th we should have a map.

March 10th… CP is not being quick.  No progress


  1. Would it not be possible to have the community mailboxes placed at the entrance of the parks or next to the red mail-drop boxes situated on the sidewalks.

  2. I hope the city is not planning on putting mailboxes close to the community centre. The area has become quite congested with cars making it difficult to navigate the tight corners. Mailboxes would add to the congestion and pose a safety issue.

  3. they are proposing to put one on Beaumaris at Bergen, which is also very high traffic, and lots of families walking by to park, so not sure if safe.

  4. Placing community mailboxes at park entrances is a good idea, except in the area of the Community Centre. Two ideal places are at the entrance to Okanagan Park, just a few metres away from the current mailbox, and at the area directly across from the intersection of Aleutian Road and Chinook Cres. There is already a mailbox located there.
    Another type of location could be on the grassed areas of cul-de-sacs, such as the one opposite 32 Okanagan and/or the one opposite the intersection of Okanagan and Chinook.

  5. Great suggestions. We’ll include these when we get the map from Canada Post.

  6. We were just informed of the location of the community mailbox for a bunch of the homes on Nanaimo — basically from around #10 Nanaimo on the south (to 26 or 30), and then from around #7 or 9 Nanaimo on the north side (to about 27, I believe). The box will have 19 houses feeding into it (or 19 slots as they refer to them).

    The box location chosen by Canada Post (site number K2H4068)is along the side lot of 1 Okanagan, on Nanaimo, between Okanagan Dr and Queensline (on the south side). It is on the stretch where there is no lighting, and where there is currently a no parking sign.

    We’d like to know if there are concerns from anyone else in the community (not just from those who would be picking up their mail there) with regards to the location of this mailbox. We have advised Canada Post that we are very concerned with this location due to the lack of lighting and the traffic flow at that spot – it is fast! The idea of having cars driving by, others potentially stopped there, as well as people walking to/from the location to get their mail, especially in the dark, is worrisome. Their response is that it “meets the City’s criteria” and that they have checked the site. Clearly they have not been there at night, with snowbanks well in place, cars driving by quickly and no lighting.

    If anyone else has any concerns with regards to this location, please contact Rick Chiarelli’s office, as well as Canada Post directly at 1-844-454-3009. We’ve initiated a request for a review, but have been advised that the supervisor has already determined it is an appropriate location. We plan on escalating this further as required.

  7. Have you received the map from Canada Post? I live on Queensline Drive. I Would like to know where Canada Post proposes to put the mail boxes on our street.

    • We just received a letter from Canada Post today indicating the 60s area of Queensline (area just north of Nanaimo) are to be served by a mailbox at 27 Nanaimo.

    • Sorry, I’ve been stalled by Canada Post who have been most unhelpful.
      On the positive side Steve Karlovits surveyed his street and has managed to get the Entire block of Aleutian and Chinook onto a super CMB site at the Bell Building. Let there be Light!

      With his contact we hope to have a more rational discussion. It appears all CMB are being placed on corner lots.

    • We live on Chinook & had signed Steve’s petition to have the CMB placed at the Bell lot next to the existing red mail box. However, today we received a letter from Canada Post advising us that our CMB would be located on Okanagan (at 36 Chinook), the opposite side of the street light!

    • Canada post will be sending out new letters shorlty.

  8. Re community mailboxes… Canada Post is planning on putting one around 88/100 Queensline (right at the curve near the park). Surely this will cause problems in that location with people stopping their cars on that curve, not to mention a possible fun target for teenagers in the park on summer nights. Why not right beside the Canada Post box on Brinton at Queensline?

  9. Hi everyone, I tried to modify the google doc re: mailboxes but it isn’t working for me. We were notified that at least 20 houses near us will be using a mailbox on the side of our corner lot at 34 Queensline dr. This is a BLIND corner on the other side of the hedge and we have two young children. I am very concerned about this but not sure how to request modification?

  10. The new postal delivery box for 53 Beaumaris will be at the [original] location of a grey postal “storage” box … corner of Beaumaris/Brian … on the property of 29 Brian … on its Beaumaris lot line facing easterly.

    The grey postal lockup was moved to the opposite corner on the property of 38 Brian when a tree was blown on to it in 2014 … which also took out the street light (since replaced).

    While lighting is good at this location, this is frequently a very high traffic location. This T-intersection becomes quite dangerous at times due to cut-through traffic behaving aggressively, from 3 directions. Add to this the traffic, both local and non-local, that barrel through the intersection on Beaumaris, sometimes without any reduction in speed (let alone just slowing down for the the 3-way stop). Add also the traffic that rounds the Brian/Beaumaris intersection at speed (ie, without even the gesture of a rolling stop).

    Locations for the new postal boxes should avoid high traffic areas and traffic choke points. Canada Post analysis will have none of this local knowledge to input to their route analysis unless it is provided in a consolidated format by the Community Association.

    Bravo to your efforts to do this!

  11. I would further reinforce the consideration of “traffic patterns and risks”.

    The absence of sidewalks makes any intensity of pedestrian traffic dangerous … whether viewed from the number of pedestrians, age (young or older), or mobility.

    Of course the risks to pedestrians (and vehicles) are multiplied by slippery road conditions and the reduced visibility and accessible road width introduced by winter plowing.

    Lighting is an issue, between intersections having lamp posts. To some extent this was waived, apparently, by original sub-division planning, whereby homeowners apparently opted for maintenance of individual driveway lights rather than city-owned lighting.

    However, Canada Post access rights to city-owned road frontage, to place a mail unit of any footprint, cannot be based strictly on mail route analysis, and must now consider the safety implications to residents.

    There must be precedents for city/municipal planning imposing a discipline to this exercise. Canada Post will try to fragment the opposition and attempt to entertain only representations from individual residences.

    Any one out there with a “planning standards”, or “legal” perspective on this?

  12. I was unable to update the spreadsheet. We are located @ 3 Okanagan and our pick up is to be located on Okanagan Dr beside 1 Kitimat Cr.

  13. Thanks for all your efforts to make this CMB business work out best for the community.

    My comments are about the the proposed 61 Okanagan CMB location (corner of Sioux and Okanagan). There is currently a mail drop box there and the proposal was to put the CMB beside it. While this may be a convenient spot for CP, I believe the two boxes together there would pose more of an eyesore and would also obstruct the line of sight for folks turning at that corner. This is a busy traffic spot and having people stop there to pick up and drop off mail would pose a problem.

    The comment on the spread sheet suggests the CMB be moved to the park entrance location about 200 feet away from the intersection. I agree with this but would also recommend moving both the existing mail drop box and CMB there.

  14. I telephoned Canada Post to complain about the proposed location of the CMB at 61 Okanagan Drive, on the corner of Sioux Crescent. I explained how busy an intersection it is and how unsafe it would be for those using this CMB.
    The person with whom I spoke said he knew the area quite well as he was a former letter carrier in the community. He said the chosen location was the best.
    When I suggested the park entrance, only a few metres away would be safer, he said that the park entrance was out because there were two trees nearby and a post with a “dog warning” on it, all of which are true. Apparently CBMs have to be a certain distance away from trees – regulations! He said the garbage can by the park entrance would also be a problem. His comment was that people would dump their flyers and the can would fill up too quickly and the problem arises as to who would empty it. He also mentioned that the paved pathway into the park is not cleared in the winter. I thought Canada Post is responsible for clearing snow away from the CMBs.

  15. In follow-up to my earlier message on March 2, we have attempted to dialogue with Canada Post to move the location of the boxes (location 4068) OFF of Nanaimo (currently on Nanaimo at Okanagan). Of course, the person that my file was being passed on to has not called me back, nor has the original person I spoke with. Again, our concern with this location is very similar to many described above: high traffic flow (is on the section of Nanaimo that is the entry into the neighbourhood) combined with poor lighting, and two T intersection right there. I’ll keep trying…..

  16. I live on Okanagan Drive and have been advised CMB is to be located at 61 Okanagan Drive. This is a busy and dangerous intersection. Canada Post should place the CMB beside the entrance to the park on Okanagan Drive

    • I agree. THis is a much better spot. I would also suggest that the parking on Okanagen before Sioux should be eliminated as this corner is already dangerous and without any sidewalks puts pedestrians at risk.

  17. In a telephone conversation with Steve McGraw of Canada Post on April 16th, he told me the CMB will not be on the corner of Okanagan and Sioux, but 9 metres down from that corner towards Baseline Road. He said there is a policy that CMBs cannot be on corners.

    • David, moving it toward Baseline will simply congest this area further. This is the main road in and at times very busy with traffic and will create additonal blind spots for cars trying to make the turn. I dont think it should be on Sioux at all and be place around the corner on Okanagen at teh park entrance which is more tan 9 meters from the corner.

  18. Box 4062(3) is proposed to be on the south corner of Sioux and this will make this heavy traffic corner even more dangerous than it already is with just the post box today. With it being the main entrance to the neibourhood, a thruway for others (trades, school buses, etc) plus traffic from hospital parkers, it will create more congestion and a collision hazard on the corner. It should be moved to the empty park entrance around the corner. THis will move the traffic from the corner.

    How do we get this request added to the list?

  19. Scott:
    Can you update us on the discussions you have had with Rick Chiarelli over this issue? Has our Community Association a committee to discuss our concerns and locations of the CMBs?
    Can we not locate them in safer locations?