May 15th:  Canada post has adjusted a few mailbox locations to reflect safety discussions with the Councillor and QGPCA.  The results can best be described as underwhelming.   Currently we are waiting on CP to provide update maps.

April 30th: on the street intelligence from our mailman — CMB go live Sept 20th 2015

Mobility impaired individuals may apply to have mail delivered once a week


Update April 27th — Meetings are being schedule by the Councillor’s office for May 5th with Canada Post, for those who’ve notified Rick of issues.


CMB Update: Slightly out of date map.   The square box with round circle is the CMB location.

4065 and 4067 have been consolidated with 4066 at the Bell Canada Building.

Slightly out of date

Slightly out of date


CMB Update

Aluetian and Chinook have managed to get their CMBs moved to the Bell building lot on Aluetian.

Canada Post has not been forthcoming in providing locations to the CA. If you could please provide your CMB location on the following google doc we’ll attempt to consolidate as many CMB on well lit,  safe locations.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> originial post >>>>>>>>>>

Canada Post is in the process of contacting property owners who will have a Community Mailbox placed on their lawn.   The CA has requested a community map of proposed locations as we know there are issues.  The intent is to address this on a community wide basis and not on a CMB by CMB location.

We expect to have a community wide map available the week of Feb 23.

March 3rd… Still waiting on CP.  Supposedly Thursday March 5th we should have a map.

March 10th… CP is not being quick.  No progress