Residents are urged to take every possible precaution against vandalism and “break and enters” in our neighbourhood. As usual, most burglaries have occurred in the daytime, so be sure that your neighbours know if you go away. Please make sure your driveway lights are working properly at all times; check them particularly before you go away on a trip, and replace old bulbs before they burn out. Click here for lighting tips (from Hugh Morrin’s presentation, December 2004).

As part of our ongoing service to the community, your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator will be visiting new neighbours to explain the various aspects of the programme. If you have any questions or need information about Neighbourhood Watch, please contact the co-ordinator, Joel Porter, at 613.790.5375, e-mail Joel.

Our community police station is located at:

245 Greenbank Road
The telephone number is 236-1222, ext. 2242


Constable Karin Montague

Constable Karin Montague

This Centre offers a number of services. For example, it has trained volunteers from the community who can inspect your home and recommend ways to upgrade your security. Constable Karin Montague has been assigned as our community police officer. She can be reached at 236-1222, ext. 2179 or via email at




Note that the number 230-6211 has been instituted by the Ottawa Police Service to report a serious crime or break-and-enter. Also to report a theft or property damage, call 236-1222, ext. 7300. The 911 number is reserved for life-threatening emergencies or a crime in progress. Full details can be found in the red section of your Telephone Directory.

For more information, see Ottawa Police or Ottawa-Carleton Community Policing (we are District 12  or West).


Police incidents

The Ottawa Police Service publishes incident reports on a city, district, and neighbourhood basis. Because these reports contain lots of information, it is sometimes difficult to drill down and find information about your community. The CA will be publishing the incident reports covering our community on a monthly basis. Full incident statistics can be found at:


Note 1: The locations identifiers contained in these reports refer to “blockface addresses”, not a specific address. A blockface address is a truncated form of a specific address that serves to group information geographically while preserving individuals’ right to privacy. For example, 123 Any Street would be grouped in the 100 block of Any Street as would any address between 100 and 199 on Any Street; 1783 Any Road would be grouped in the 1700 blockface of Any Road as would any address between 1700 and 1799 on Any Road.